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Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Screening Requirements & Specs

Do I have to buy the film rights?

Yes, this will be your responsibility and proof must be provided to TBCT in advance. Contact Access Cinema or GFD for further information

What formats can I screen in?

35mm or DVD

What formats can I screen commercials / trailers or static images in?

You must supply these on DVD

Do we need to create a dolby v/o mix etc?  

No, we have no surround, centre channel or bass management facilities

Do you screen in DCP format?



Can I hire Meeting House Square privately?

Most certainly

What is the capacity?

800 standing and 400 seated (400 seated is a better number to ensure that everyone is nice and dry!)

How many guests can you seat undercover?


Do you have chairs?

We have a stock of 200 chairs, and can suggest suppliers if you need to hire more

At what time can I commence screening?

After civic twilight ends; see

What is the curfew?

We rarely run an event beyond midnight. We are flexible though. If you have specific ideas for events, please talk to us

Can I use the stage?

Yes, but don’t take for granted its availability. Give us lots of notice and we will try to accommodate you

Do age restrictions apply?

MHS is a family space, so no set age restrictions apply. Certain events however will have an over 18s policy in place.

How can I ticket my event?

We have no in-house ticketing or box office service. We work with , but if you would like to use your own provider please talk to us first.

Can I bring my own security firm?

TBCT engage security for all events as the contractors know the dynamics and the quirks of the space. We recharge the hours for security directly.

Who do I talk to to find out more?

Contact Melissa Nolan




Are there any sound restrictions?

MHS is in the heart of Temple Bar and we need to be mindful of our neighbours, therefore an 90 db sound limit applies to all events.

Do I have to pay IMRO fees? 

TBCT hold IMRO licences for the square but they must be contacted in advance and you must enter into an agreement directly with them. Contact IMRO on +353 1 6614844

Can I bring my own PA?

TBCT only work with preferred suppliers for sound to ensure professional quality and consistency


Meeting House Square is a flexible space that shares a home with many excellent providers and suppliers of food and drink. All plans regarding the serving of food or drink on Meeting House Square must be agreed with TBCT prior to contract or applying for temporary licences. Please talk to us in advance and we’ll be happy to help you find the right solution for your event.

Can I sell or serve food at my event?

All plans to serve or sell food on the square must be approved by TBCT in advance.

We can suggest a list of preferred suppliers or, indeed, work with any you have in mind once we are satisfied the required licences, insurance and health and safety standards have been complied with.

Can I sell or serve alcohol at my event?

Meeting House Square is not a licensed premises. All plans to serve or sell alcohol on the square must be approved by TBCT in advance.

You may not apply for a temporary licence or make any arrangements to serving alcohol on the square without prior written agreement from TBCT. We can suggest a range of solutions for your event, and are happy to discuss your plans with you.


PolskaÉire Fair

Fair celebrating Polish and Irish Culture, Sunday 29th March, 1-5pm.

Year of the Sheep

Celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year with events on Meeting House Square and across the city.14 -28 February