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Meeting House Square is a flexible space that shares a home with many excellent providers and suppliers of food and drink. All plans regarding the serving of food or drink on Meeting House Square must be agreed with TBCT prior to contract or applying for temporary licences. Please talk to us in advance and we’ll be happy to help you find the right solution for your event.

Can I sell or serve food at my event?

All plans to serve or sell food on the square must be approved by TBCT in advance.

We can suggest a list of preferred suppliers or, indeed, work with any you have in mind once we are satisfied the required licences, insurance and health and safety standards have been complied with.

Can I sell or serve alcohol at my event?

Meeting House Square is not a licensed premises. All plans to serve or sell alcohol on the square must be approved by TBCT in advance.

You may not apply for a temporary licence or make any arrangements to serving alcohol on the square without prior written agreement from TBCT. We can suggest a range of solutions for your event, and are happy to discuss your plans with you.


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